In 2011, in South Korea, a humidifier killed over 1,300 babies, children, and mothers and caused lung diseases in over 6,000 people. It was a heartbreaking incident caused by misuse of chemicals.

Since then, various convenient products used on a daily basis were  found to contain harmful substances or bacteria.

Baby wet wipes, also contain chemicals and, therefore, raised concern among parents. We began to think about “baby wipes that are free of chemicals” and launched Multtaro in April 2012.

Multtaro provides dry tissues and ultra pure water separately so that you can make your own wet wipes.

This method can distribute preservatives and preservative products, and it can be used for up to 5 times longer than boiled water without multiplying bacteria.

These chemical-free wet wipes became popular quickly among postpartum care centers and mothers of newborn babies.

Recently, chemicals in everyday products have been known to accumulate in the body and are actively being discussed by people interested in a ‘no chemical’ lifestyle. As a result, Multtaro Wet wipes are growing steaily since its launch.


The design is easy for anyone to understand by using visual elements in a simple and professional way, i.e. “water onto the tissue.”

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